Waiting for Tonight..

dual2 duale

Shape: rir Maribel Shape

Dress: DE Designs – Ryanna-Black White

Watch: *chronokit* watch no.34 *Comet* female

Shoes: [R3] – Sierra Heels

Hair: :: Miss Canning:: [Marcella Hair] Copper Blonde

Bag: sixboi’s mustache bag black – gift


:MooZ:. [Castor] Mesh Basic Sneakers Black

<kal rau> Casual Chino Pack clear

Mesh Crew Neck Sweater – Shirt Combo – Fashion Kit https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Full-Perm-Mesh-Rigged-Mens-Male-Crew-Neck-Sweater-Shirt-under-Combo-Fashion-Kit/3132877

<kal rau> Casual Chino Clear


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