venice moon



All the jewels in these photographs belong to the ….

Jewelry & Accessory Expo
Dec 6th-21st, 2013
A good magician never reveals his secrets…until now….

First pic

Shape: – LoMa Fashion – Shape Alessia

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Robin Mesh Hair – Ash

Outfit : .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Mysterious night – Ligerie Mesh Blue

Jewels: Eclectica ‘Artifact’ Jewellery-Black


Second Pic:

Shape: – LoMa Fashion –  Shape Maria

Hair: Faenzo Uffie

Tatoo: *OAL* Paisley Tattoo

Short Necklace and Earring: Eclectica ‘Relic’ Jewellery-Black

Long Necklace: Eclectica ‘Relic’ Pendant-Black

ty Renee for your help …. ♥

ceck this amazing blog

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