Little Red Riding Hood

cappuccetto1 cappuccetto2 cappuccetto3


Little Red Riding Hood is a girl who has to carry a basket of drinks and food to sick grandmother. The mother is not recommended to go through the woods and keep on the road, advice that does not follow Little Red Riding Hood. In the forest the girl meets a bad wolf that distracts and misleads becoming reveal where her grandmother lives, while Little Red Riding Hood is on the way, the wolf goes by her grandmother before her, goes home and eats. Not even had enough of what you have eaten dresses with clothes for the grandmother Cappuccetto wait red and devour you. Upon arrival of the hapless protagonist, the wolf is found in bed, Russian and this deception can devour the child. A woodcutter who comes home tired from work and heard snoring, knowing her grandmother is not afraid because he had never felt that way snoring. Then decides to come home and resolve the situation, the man cuts the belly of the beast: Little Red Riding Hood and the grandmother leaving healthy and save. From that day on Little Red Riding Hood decided to always listen to his mother and not to move ever more from the wood..

Skin: [Hush] Mia Skin – Seduce

Shape: RIR Life Maribel shape

Dress: *MCMesh* Vintage Dress Roseanna (w/tango)

Hair w hat: .:EMO-tions.. *MARY-ANNE+ black hood* – wear to unpack

Shoes: D-Style/Latreia – Urban Sneakers

Basket w eggs: Pita Brown Outfit – Sweet Lies

Lashes: . *MC* “Falsies” Mesh Alpha Lashes with HUD – Pack1

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