Dress: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Full-Perm-Rigged-Mesh-Chiffon-Strapless-Fairy-Dress-Fashion-Kit/4765026

Shoes: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Full-Perm-Rigged-Mesh-Bridal-Shoes-Fashion-Kit/4280022

Skin: Penelope Beach Filthy

First Randez-vous

1) Do not ask us where we want to go totally (maybe with questions like “where shall I bring you? I leave the choice to you!). You are the men and you have to decide.
2) Come to take and arrive on time. Punctuality is important and makes us understand that we bear in ourselves. Do not forget it.
3) Dress in an accurate, but not overly elegant, use the perfume but do not go overboard as soon as we get in the car or we will naturally ask what new model of Arbre Magic used. Clothes make the monaco, always. Call us shallow, but they resign: it is so.
4) Be polite always and in everything. There is no need that we apriate the car door or flattened out the red carpet, but you’re still gallant in the manner and gestures. When we order porgeteci the menu, ask us what we want to sort, pour the wine and if we decide to “share” a dish serviteci always first. Education, kindness and gallantry do not pay do not be afraid to use them.

5) Women are attracted to the culture. There is no need to speak of the theory of Noluntas of Schopenhauer, but not the last rigor Bonucci. For the first few times let it sit thorny issues such as politics or religion, but spaced in the field of your interest, talk about books, music, cinema, photography, art. Women are attracted more by the brain, which by the abdominals. So needless to tell us how many hours in the gym you did, how you love your Inter or the achievements of your last trip to Sharm El Sheikh.
6) Do not talk about your ex, I honestly do not give a bat. And unless you direct us to the question, do not pull them in dance.
7) Let us compliments, but not exceed (I understand if you lie) and without being trivial. Nothing destroys more interest in a man, as the banality.
8) Listen to us and let us talk. If your glass is always full and your partner has already drained half of Bordeaux, then maybe you’re talking about too. A woman loves to be heard.
9) At least the first appointments do men pay you! Ok we wanted parity, and it is also fine. We will make sure the gesture of pulling out your wallet, but only parquet we have to do, none of us on the first date you expect to pay really. Not waterfalls in our farces. Do not shoot yourself on foot alone. Many women refuse to even out again with a man who did not pay on the first date. The most gallant is – after dinner – to pretend to go to the bathroom and with the excuse to get away for a moment, go to pay the bill. Do not let us see how much you spent or embarrass us. You know what to do, so do it, at least for the first few times, after we know that everything will be different. There is no more terrible social problem of the curse of man “with stingy”, the most powerful antiafrodisiaco found in nature. I’ve heard of women who have changed the state after a trauma like that. As we will see you as the man who will provide for our future and our children if we do not pay even the first dinner? And then you are at a mica pizza with friends who “does to the Roman”!
10) Do not ask us to continue the evening at home. Leave this essential proposal for appointments to come, there will be time to take to bed. To remedy a bad figure no.

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