thoughts and words

meli due


meli uno



Skin: Filthy Alicia Beach

Shape: Diana Bellissima

Hand: Slink Hand Gesture

Shirt aqua:

Pants: [R3] – Addison Pants [V2]

Shoes: *{ SeVered GarDeN }* NEVIA sandals – Megapack

Make me a picture of the sun –
I can hang it in my room
and pretend to warm
while others call it “Day.”

Draw me a Robin – on a branch –
so I’ll dream to hear him sing
and when in the orchards will cease singing –
I put aside the illusion.

Tell me if it’s true that it’s hot at noon –
if they are the buttercups that “fly”
or the butterflies “bloom.”
And then escape the cold above the meadows
and the rust on the trees.
Give me the illusion that these two – rust and frost –
should not ever get!
– Emily Dickinson

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