Catch me !

Renee The blonde girl wear :

!BaaaH! Jlo’Skin Soleil

~Soedara~ Here Comes Wicked Nipple pastie Chains —>

~Soedara~ Here Comes Wicked Corset —>

[MANDALA]Milky Nails/White –>

[Myane Black update] Angelic Lefevre Couture —>

[R3] – Super Mini (Leather) —>

LaGyo_Shield rings silver/black Lhand —>

Ring of O RLV sub dark silver Box —>

..:ReeA Tattoo:.. Simple piercing for mouth –>

:ReeA Tattoo:.. SImple The Change Facial Piercing set —>

Lip Tag (Fuck You) (mouth) —>

round piercing [BND] nose —>

[AD] Cigarette Freebie —>

Scarlett Dela Blonde  —>

Addisoon Wear

!BaaaH! Jlo’Skin Soleil   —>

Scarlett Dela Blonde  —>


*GA* Flat Bare Feet  —>

[R3] – Leah Skirt [V3]   —>

[R3] – Heather Outfit [V3]  —>

(r)M~Posture Collar > No.05 —>

dl:: Dirtygirls Pipe (2 vertions) —>

..:ReeA Tattoo:.. romantic swirl —>

Glam ring May’s Soul —>

Slink Mesh Hand Gesture  —>

..:ReeA Tattoo:.. Piercing belly

When I took a chance
Thought you’d understand
Baby credit cards aren’t romance
So you’re tryna buy what’s already yours
What I need from is not available in stores
Seen a side of you that I really feel
Doing way too much, never keep it real
If it doesn’t change, gotta hit the road
Now I’m leaving, where’s my keys?
I’ve got to go

love don’t cost a thing ! jlo tribute

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